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Mozilla On-line Plugin Checker - Added on:Fri May 14 2010 | Hits: 2986
This on-line tool checks your browser plug-ins and determines if they are up-to-date. Works with most browsers including Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10.5+, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, or IE 8+.

Change Remote Desktop Port - Added on:Wed Mar 12 2008 | Hits: 30169
From Microsoft - How to change the listening port for remote desktop connections.

EICAR IT Security AV Test - Added on:Thu Mar 6 2008 | Hits: 2760
Link to the EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File download page at the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research. Use this to make sure your Anti-Virus is still working periodically. The file is not a virus, and does not include any fragments of viral code. Most products react to it as if it were a virus (though they typically report it with an obvious name, such as "EICAR-AV-Test").

US CERT CYBER ALERTS - Added on:Mon Feb 11 2008 | Hits: 3071
The home of the US CERT Government cyber-alerts system. Check here for alerts about vulnerable software and operating systems.

ZONE ALARM - Added on:Thu Feb 7 2008 | Hits: 2270
Great Free Firewall Program. (Enhanced versions available as well.)

VIRUS BULLETIN - Added on:Thu Feb 7 2008 | Hits: 3804
Virus Bulletin VB100 certification of antivirus prods (free -registration reqd)

SpyBot Search and Destroy - Added on:Thu Feb 7 2008 | Hits: 2680
Excellent.. FREE Anti-Spyware That Protects and Removes just about every threat imaginable.

SANS - SECURITY RISKS - Added on:Thu Feb 7 2008 | Hits: 2670
Direct link to SANS Top-20 2007 Security Risks (2007 Annual Update)

GRISOFT - AVG ANTI-VIRUS - Added on:Thu Feb 7 2008 | Hits: 2671
The Best Free AntiVirus. (also has paid versions with the works.)

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Audacity - The Best Audio Editor and Converter Out There. Also Totally FREE!
AVG AntiVirus - The Best Free AntiVirus. (also has paid versions with the works.)
Bobbi and the Strays - Bobbi's Animal Rescue at the JFK Vet-Port. Friends for Life!
CPS Service Co - Security Sweeps 24x7 Trusted by New Yorkers for Many Years.
Daylight Savings Time Support - Microsoft Site to Help Resolve DST Issues.
Domains 4 Hosting Registry - Top-Level Domains - Lowest Prices.
DSL Reports - Great Info Source for all things Internet-Related and More..
Freeware Loft - Freeware Archive. Hand-picked Quality Software!
Hunt My IP - Like What-Is-My-Ip but BETTER. Complete IP and RBL Tests.
Internet Health Report - An Internet Backbone Latency Reporting Tool.
Link Vermont! - A Resource for Skiers/Visitors to the Green Mountain State -Vermont!
Long Island Dot! - This hosting providor specializes in using the dot LI extension.
Major Geeks! - Top-Quality Software for the Computer-Savvy Geek in You!
Matt's Script Archive! - Timeless Collection of CGI Scripts - All Free!
Mount St. Helens Volcano Webcam - Webcams at Johnston Ridge Observatory (JRO)! - The New Web Site Directory!
NoNAGS! - Lots of FREE Nagless Software. There's Something for Everyone!
OPERA - A FREE Full-featured Web Browser that Beats IE7. Awesome Email, RSS.. more!
Portable Hot Tubs - Hundreds of name brand hot tubs in inventory ready to ship.
Sans Institute - Direct link to SANS Top-20 2011 Security Risks (2011 Annual Update)
SourceFORGE - Online Developer Site. Many FREE Programs for Windows/UNIX.
SpyBot Search and Destroy - Excellent.. FREE Anti-Spyware That Protects and Removes
Sysinternals - Scripts and Pgms for Active Directory or Domain Windows Management.
The CGI Resource Index - CGI, C, C+, Python, UNIX Shell and VB Scripts.
Virus Bulletin - Virus Bulletin VB100 certification of antivirus prods (free -registration reqd)
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Website County Mall - An Online Mall of Select Long Island Retailers.
Zone Alarm - Great Free Firewall Program. (Enhanced versions available as well.)

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